Marriage 911 – First Response

For Your Marriage

The Marriage 911: First Response program has been used for years to help people who are struggling in their marriage learn healthy and productive ways to deal with their difficult circumstances. This Christ-centered 12 week program helps you to place your focus and energy into areas that can first help you remain/become healthy and whole in the midst of a crisis, and commonly becomes the foundational keys to turning around a troubled marriage.

The National Institute of Marriage has produced this program in partnership with Joe and Michelle Williams because we know it works. For close to 20 years the Williams have been developing and using these principles and materials to help thousands of people in similar states of marriage distress combine the own commitment, energy, and effort with the power of God to see amazing, and frequently unexpected, results. In fact, with divorce in their pasts, prior to becoming Christians, Joe and Michelle used these very same principles to find their own reconciliation after a painful and frustrating two-year separation. They know what it means to have a marriage crisis! Our combined efforts and expertise are enabling us together to help more people than either of us could possibly do alone.

Marriage 911: First Response First Aid Kit

This First Aid Kit can be used on your own, or in a small same gender group, and includes:

  • One 12-Week Marriage 911: First Response Workbook
  • One Support Partner Handbook
  • A copy of YES, YOUR MARRIAGE CAN BE SAVED, by Joe and Michelle

Marriage 911: First Response Partial First Aid Kit

This Partial First Aid Kit can be used on your own, or in a small same gender group, and includes:

  • One 12-Week Marriage 911: First Response Workbook
  • One Support Partner Handbook

For Your Church

An important, and largely missing, component to an effective church based marriage ministry is a well organized first response to people experiencing marital crisis. Last year, the National Institute of Marriage (NIM) partnered with Joe and Michelle Williams, founders of Reconciling God’s Way, to create Marriage 911: First Response. This lay-based program provides all a church needs to create and maintain a powerful First Response ministry. The program is purposely designed to help Pastors confidently shift some of the overwhelming load of marriage ministry onto the shoulders of motivated lay leaders. With optional help and support from NIM and the Williams, your lay leaders will be fully trained and equipped to assist people in marital crisis begin the journey toward full reconciliation. For close to 20 years these principles and materials have been helping thousands of people turn their lives and marriages around in often miraculous fashion. The combined efforts and expertise of our two successful marriage ministries, in tandem with your leaders, enables us all to help more people than any of us could possibly do alone.

There are four primary purposes for the Marriage 911: First Response resources:

1) To provide the Christian community with a powerful and effective “first response” to someone whose marriage is in crisis.

2) To provide individuals whose marriage is in crisis with a time-tested and proven program of support and accountability – even if his/her spouse is unwilling to participate.

3.) To protect all volunteers (pastors, lay leaders, and all support partners) with materials and training so, personally and relationally, they can help those in crisis without placing themselves at risk in the process. They are taught how to be effective helpers without rescuing, how to avoid burnout, and how to overcome the common temptation of avoiding people in need due to lack of knowledge and skill.

4) To provide Churches with a highly flexible and scalable program that can be used in ministry by concerned and motivated individuals or as part of a church based First Response Team. The program can also be used in various formats including, one-on-one with people in crisis, in a small group setting, or in a classroom.

Marriage 911: Leader's Kit

The church Marriage 911: First Response “Ministry Starter Kit” includes:

  • Two Marriage 911: First Response Workbooks
  • Two Support Partner Handbook
  • One Yes, Your Marriage Can be Saved
  • In addition to the physical resources, NIM is committed to providing ongoing back-end support to assist churches in becoming and remaining successful in maintaining an effective Marriage 911: First Response ministry. This initially includes the training of leaders, plus online and phone support.
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Individual Resources and Descriptions

Marriage 911: First Response Workbook

This workbook is designed to be used by a person whose marriage is in crisis. The workbook offers 12 weeks of personal stories, meaningful insights, tools, exercises, activities, and recommendations. The program helps that individual stay focused on his/her relationship with God, on personal health (emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically), on gaining a Godly perspective (toward themselves, their spouse, and their relationship), and to postpone making any major marriage related decisions during a time when most do not have a clear perspective. The workbook provides hope and direction–even with an unwilling spouse.

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The Support Partner Handbook

This manual is written specifically for the person who has agreed to walk alongside the individual using the workbook during the 12 week process. The handbook includes guidance on how to be effective in the support role, tips to protect the support partner’s emotional well-being, time, and personal relationships, excerpts from the Marriage 911: First Response workbook chapters, and questions related to each week’s content. These questions are also in the workbook and the person in crisis is instructed to answer them during the week and be ready to discuss his/her answers during a weekly one-hour meeting with the support partner.

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Yes, Your Marriage Can Be Saved

This book contains the incredible testimony of Joe and Michelle Williams who share their personal story of reconciliation that led to the initial development of this program. The book will offer hope and great practical advice for anyone who is separated, facing divorce, or is unhappy in their marriage.  It’s a wonderful supplement to the Marriage 911: First Response Workbook and Support Partner Handbook.

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