“Teaming with You in the Treatment of Hurting Couples”

From the NIM Clinical Team

Our clinical team understands and appreciates the challenges of a weekly outpatient practice. You are on the front lines in the battle to save marriages. Your courage, patience, wisdom, and investment are incredibly valuable. There are times when a couple comes along and they are so entrenched in their own battle, they do not recognize they are losing the war. No matter what you do in a 50 minute session(s), the couple and you lose hope for a different relationship. The National Institute of Marriage is a unique option along a continuum of care. We want to serve as your reinforcement.

–¬†The Clinical Team at NIM

Why the National Institute of Marriage?

As one of the original¬†Couples Intensive programs, the National Institute of Marriage is exclusively devoted to the understanding and treatment of marital problems and distress…

When to refer?

Admission to inpatient psychiatric treatment is clinically indicated when patients are experiencing acute or chronic conditions not amenable to traditional outpatient treatment…..


Our Programs

Our Intensive Marriage Counseling Programs are designed primarily for couples who are struggling in their marriage. We commonly hear reports like…”Our passion has faded away”…


Marriage Education

The fear cycle is a user friendly tool developed by the NIM clinical team. It was designed to help a couple identify the dynamics of their relational distress as well as empower the couple…


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