The National Institute of Marriage

Our Location

The National Institute of Marriage is located near Lake Taneycomo, at 2175 Sunset Inn Road in Branson, Missouri. Our toll free phone number is  1(866) 875-2915.

Our Mission

Saving marriages and inspiring couples towards greatness.

Our Vision

Pursuing excellence in the integration of Christian faith and professional discipline, the National Insitute of Marriage will find innovative and effective ways to influence our world toward God-in­spired lives and marriages.

Our History  – The National Institute of Marriage

The founding team members originally worked with Gary Smalley’s Today’s Family and the Smalley Relationship Center, where Dr. Greg Smalley had assembled an amazing team of counselors to serve couples beyond the conferences provided by the Smalley Relationship Center. Under the leadership of Robert Paul an innovative new program was designed to help couples in the most desperate marital distress. This team of therapists continued to collaborate, learn, and define a new way of working with couples. As a result, a series of new powerful programs were born. Couples that had lost hope were now identifying and moving past barriers and began experiencing individual and relational healing beyond anything they had ever known.

Recognizing the power of this new approach to marriage counseling, combined with the benefits of non-profit status, Dr. Greg Smalley along with Robert Paul and Mark Pyatt launched a new organization in November of 2003. Today, this organization is known as the National Institute of Marriage (NIM).

In May 2014, NIM was acquired by Focus on the Family and came under its umbrella. This move seemed natural, beneficial, and highly desirable from the perspective of both organizations. The reasons are readily apparent. The two entities share a common vision: both are looking for the best way to impact marriages in crisis. Both are also in a great place to ask “what comes next?” in the process of developing the kinds of strategies best suited to achieving this goal. It’s hard to imagine a more ideal partnership. As an international ministry with a reach that extends to more than ten million families across America, Focus has the capacity to refer tens of thousands of struggling couples to the Intensive programs available through NIM. What’s more, Focus possesses the broad donor support necessary to maintain NIM’s outreach. It also employs the communications and messaging channels required to spread the word. Finally, Focus’s Counseling Department, backed by the ministry’s National Referral Network of trained Christian therapists, is ideally positioned to help NIM provide triage to marriages in severe crisis while simultaneously strengthening the other two emphases of its comprehensive marriage ministry model: marriage formation and marriage nurture.

Since the humble beginnings of the National Institute of Marriage both the team and the Intensive program have grown in many ways. The team is characterized by a wider variety of skills and talents than ever before, but we are still all connected by one single passion: making an eternal difference in the lives of couples. We have the privilege of focusing all of our time for the past decade on learning and refining how to help couples move forward. The program has now served thousands of couples and our research is indicating that 84.6% of the couples remain married years following their Intensive Experience.

In addition to the Intensive programs, our talented team of presenters travel to churches all over the nation for our two-day seminars for couples in local churches and communities.

The National Institute of Marriage’s Ministry, Products and Services

Through the Intensives, our team members accomplish three very important goals: restoring couples, remaining connected to God’s desire and ability to transform marriages, and, to continue learning, applying, and teaching the life-changing concepts that result in successful marriages.

Direct ministry to couples – We have developed a continuum of care that meets couples wherever they may be in their relationship. Regardless of the health of their marriage we have a service that can help them improve their marital satisfaction.

Our services include

  • Christian Marriage Counseling – We continue to see a dramatic impact in the marriages of couples through our Intensive Marriage Counseling Programs.
  • Marriage Conferences – We currently present the ‘DNA of Relationships for Couples’ conference to couples across the nation.
  • Resources for Couples – We have marriage curriculum for couples, small groups, military couples, counselors and therapists.
  • Enrich and Equip Leaders – It is our goal to enrich and equip ministry leaders that are working with couples. We provide what we are learning in our Intensive Programs to Pastoral Leadership, Professional Counselors, Military Chaplains and Lay-Leaders across the nation.
  • First Response Ministry – Resources to help churches develop a lay-based first response ministry for couples in crisis.
  • The National Institute of Marriage’s Network – We provide a network of leadership that has been certified in the life changing principles found in our Intensive Programs. This network provides resources for certified ministry leaders, such as; coaching by The Institute team member, ongoing training, and a referral option for couples on the brink of divorce.

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Toll Free: (866) 875-2915